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    St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center has developed a specialized and dedicated sports medicine program to provide critical medical coverage for sports events in Pueblo County. The sports medicine program, featuring a dedicated concussion prevention and management component, will increase the quantity and quality of medical coverage at high school and university sporting events in the community.

    Orthopedics is a priority service line at the hospital. Combined with quality and patient safety scores that are significantly and consistently above the national benchmark, St. Mary-Corwin's orthopedic services insure that athletes will receive exceptional care and treatment for optimum outcomes, and accelerated return to play.

    Inspired by the vision of Dr. Shawn Nakamura, the goal of the St. Mary-Corwin Sports Specialists program is to provide the best care for the athletes, and to be a medical resource for athletes and their families, coaches, and athletic trainers by providing a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals specially trained in sports medicine.

    There are two major components to the sports medicine program: sports injury prevention and treatment, and concussion assessment.

    Sports Injury

    The sports injury program includes providing an orthopedic surgeon or family practice physician at every home football game for CSU-Pueblo, Pueblo City Schools and District 70 Schools. The program will also cover CSU-Pueblo home wrestling meets. As the program continues to build, additional sports will be covered throughout the year.

    The team will work diligently to ensure timely, open communication with athletes and their families, and efficient scheduling and treatment of injured athletes.


    According to the Brain Injury Association of Colorado, approximately 1,500 to 2,500 youth athletes visit Colorado emergency rooms for sports-related concussions each year. That statistic has not gone unnoticed.

    Senate Bill 40 is otherwise known as the Jake Snakenberg Youth Concussion Act. This bill, which was signed into law on March 29, 2011 by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, requires that coaches of all youth organized sports for kids age 11-18 complete annual concussion recognition education. Further, if the coach suspects a youth athlete has sustained a concussion, the coach must immediately remove the athlete from play, and the athlete cannot return to practice or play until evaluated by a licensed health care provider and cleared to return. The legislation covers middle school-aged athletes as well as high school kids because this age range is most at risk for sports-related concussions.

    St. Mary-Corwin is donating special IMPACT testing software which is designed to test concussed athletes to each high school and the university. The IMPACT program and physician reading of all IMPACT testing from baseline through injury testing will be coordinated with Dr. Rocky Khosla, Medical Director of the St. Mary-Corwin Concussion program.

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