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Southern Colorado Family Medicine

Southern Colorado Family Medicine is the residency program located on the St. Mary-Corwin campus on the northeastern perimeter at 902 Lakeview Avenue.  One of only two programs in the area designated as Essential Community Providers for the Colorado Indigent Care Program, Southern Colorado Family Medicine assists families and individuals who cannot afford health insurance. We have provided comprehensive, quality care for all Pueblo County residents since 1975.

Southern Colorado Family Medicine Accepts Everyone

Southern Colorado Family Medicine offers healthcare to all age groups and accepts everyone, regardless of their insurance or ability to pay. They accept Medicare and Medicaid in addition to private insurances. For those who are uninsured or underinsured, the CICP takes applications through Southern Colorado Family Medicine.

Services Offered 

  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Medical Care
  • Minor Surgery
  • Geriatric Care
  • Free pregnancy tests

How to Become A Southern Colorado Family Medicine Patient

Southern Colorado Family Medicine understands that health insurance is expensive, and would like to provide you and your family with quality healthcare in a welcoming environment. If you are interested in becoming a patient or have any questions, please call Southern Colorado Family Medicine at 719-557-5855.

Southern Colorado Family Medicine is a Teaching Facility

Southern Colorado Family Medicine is the only Family Medicine residency program south of Denver.  The residency program is committed to training physicians in the specialty of Family Medicine so that they may specialize in the needs of the whole family. The program provides an American Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) fully accredited three-year family practice residency with the only dually accredited ACGME/American Osteopathic Association (AOA) residency in Colorado.

If you are a Medical Student at either an allopathic or osteopathic school looking for a three-year Family Practice residency, please visit our website at to learn more.  For more information, contact Lynn M, Strange, MD, SCFM residency program director, at 719-557-5872 or

Walk With A Doc: Take a Step Toward Better Health

Join your physicians and other people looking to improve their health at our monthly Walk With A Doc. Walk with a Doc is a walking program for everyone interested in taking steps for a healthier lifestyle. What better way to start your weekend than on your feet making strides to help your heart and improving your general health to live longer! Find the next walk!


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