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Sleep Disorders Center

Sleep well. Live well. Be well.

Are you or a family member one of millions of Americans who have chronic sleep problems that affect your personal safety, productivity and
ability to enjoy daily living?

If left untreated, sleep disorders can lead to lack of energy, inability to concentrate, poor work or school performance, or worse… serious threats
to your health. Some signs that may indicate a sleep concern in adults or children include:

  • Waking up frequently from sleep
  • Gasping or snoring while you sleep
  • Having trouble staying awake during the day
  • Sleepiness while on the job
  • Waking up with headaches
  • Difficulty staying awake while driving
  • Reduction of concentration, memory,attention and ability to focus
  • Increased periods of urination during the night
  • Weight gain that continues to increase or is difficult to loose

The Sleep Disorders Center at St. Mary-Corwin is dedicated to diagnosing and treating patients with sleep-related disorders. It is open for your convenience seven nights a week. Patients are scheduled by physician referrals. If you have any of the warning signs mentioned or a history of high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, symptoms of depression, or excessive daytime sleepiness, you should be evaluated for a sleep-related disorder. Talk with your physician.

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