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Genetic Counseling at Dorcy Cancer Center

Our knowledge of cancer genetics improves every day.  But the best screening tool for inherited cancer is still your family history.  

The genetic counselors at the Dorcy Cancer Center are experts in cancer family history.  We estimate your particular risks for cancer using medical and family history details.  We review these histories with you during a 60-90 minute genetic counseling session. 

The resulting risk estimates are important because they tell us:

  • Your chance to develop cancer. A higher than average cancer risk may qualify you for earlier, more frequent or special screenings.  For instance your risk may suggest that you could benefit from a mammogram before age 40, or a colonoscopy before age 50.
  • Your chance for an inherited predisposition to cancer. Genetic lab testing is an option if your risk for inherited gene changes is high.  You can greatly reduce your risk for an “inherited” cancer with certain medications, surgeries, or special screenings. 
  • Your chance for a second, new cancer if you already have a cancer diagnosis.  Certain “inherited” cancers increase risk for cancer in other organs.  Finding an “inherited” cancer in you may change medical management for your close relatives. 

Most of our clients have a lower risk for cancer and inherited predispositions than they think.  Learning cancer risk can help you and your relatives have a healthy, long life.

Remember:  genetics is important in your cancer risk, but it is not fate.  Please contact us for more information about cancer genetic counseling at the Dorcy Cancer Center:  
(719) 557-5701.

Read our Hereditary Cancer Brochure

Other Resources:
Non-profit organization, focused on prevention and early detection of breast / ovarian cancer in high-risk young women.

Non-profit  organization, designed to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

National Cancer Institute
Government website, with information on genetic testing, cancer genetics terms, and a link to My Family Health Portrait (onsite family history collection tool)


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