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Support Services

For Cancer Patients & Families

It is amazing what the impact of one simple word - cancer - can have on your life and the lives of your loved ones. Battling cancer requires an abundance of positive attitude, expanded knowledge, a desire and will to heal, and a willingness to let others help.

At the Dorcy Cancer Center, we offer a full range of support services to assist our patients and their families with the realization and understanding of cancer. Our patient care coordinator can assist you in coordinating these services or putting you in touch with additional resources at St. Mary-Corwin or in the community. To contact the patient care coordinator, call 719-557-5989. The resources below will be helpful to you and you can also download our Cancer Resource Directory here.

  • American Cancer Society Resources - The Wig Salon at the Dorcy Cancer Center offers wigs, turbans, scarves, prosthesis and bras free of charge.  Educational materials are also available.  The Look Good Feel Better support program is also available in the Dorcy Cancer Center.  For more information on these services, call 719-557-3738 or the ACS at 1-800-ACS-2345.
  • Dietary Services - Weight loss or gain and changes in taste perception or digestion are common for some cancer patients. A Registered Dietician can help you plan a healthy diet.
  • Discount hotel rates are available for out of town cancer patients.  Please talk with our patient care coordinator for more information by calling 719-557-5989.
  • Education - Our cancer center presents a variety of educational programs to further educate patients and others about specific aspects of cancer and treatment options. A nurse educator is available to guide you through learning about a particular issue of cancer by calling 719-557-5215.
  • Enterostomal Therapist - Patients who have had an ostomy may benefit from evaluation by an enterostomal therapist, a nurse with special training in managing ostomies. This can be arranged through the Cancer Center by calling 719-557-5525.
  • Genetic Counseling - A genetics counselor assists patients and families with concern about their family history and/or risk of cancer.  For more information, contact a genetic counselor at 719-557-5701 or
  • Home Health agencies - We work closely with home health agencies to provide in-home care for our patients who might benefit from that care.
  • Hospice Services provide end-of-life care for many patients and families.  Refer to the Cancer Resource Directory for more information.
  • Lymphedema Treatment - Lymphedema, or swelling of the arm, may be treated by physical therapy, massage, nutrition and the use of an elastic sleeve. It can be evaluated and treated by a specially trained physical therapist.  This can be arranged through the Dorcy Cancer Center by calling 719-557-5851.
  • Oncology Counseling - Sorting through cancer treatment options and experiencing emotional highs and lows can become overwhelming. Our oncology counselor is available to help you and your family manage these issues. For more information, call 719-557-5423.
  • Patient Care Coordinator - Our patient care coordinator, assists patients with resources available in the community.  She will work with you, your physician and support services to ensure seamless coordination of care throughout your outpatient radiation therapy treatment.  To speak to our patient care coordinator, call at 719-557-5989.
  • Pain Management - New approaches to pain management are constantly emerging. The pain team at the Dorcy Cancer Center will work to minimize the extent and duration of any pain related to your cancer. For more information, call 719-557-4236.
  • Palliative Care - Palliative care is the comprehensive management of your physical, psychological, social, spiritual and existential needs. It provides symptom management and support for patients and families as they face a serious illness. For more information, call 719-557-4236.
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy - Our goal is to assist cancer patients with whatever therapy is necessary to speed your recovery.  You may need to strengthen muscles, recover dexterity and manipulation, or learn to accommodate a prosthetic device.  An appointment can be arranged by calling 719-557-5417.
  • Spiritual Care - Our spiritual care team is always available to you or your family members and caregivers as you begin and continue your cancer journey.  For spiritual counseling, call 719-557-5029.
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