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Cancer Center Annual Reports

2011 Annual Report - based on 2010 data
2010 Annual Report - based on 2009 data
2009 Annual Report - based on 2008 data
2008 Annual Report - based on 2007 data
2007 Annual Report - based on 2006 data
2006 Annual Report - based on 2005 data
2005 Annual Report - based on 2004 data

Cancer Registry

Every patient with cancer who has his or her diagnosis made at St. Mary-Corwin, or who receives treatment here, is entered into a database to allow the cancer center to fully evaluate the types of cancers which occur in our area, the types of treatments given and the results of the treatments. In addition, information from our registry is shared with the Colorado Central Cancer Registry to provide statewide data. Information obtained from these records is used to improve cancer care with research into the causes of cancer, and provide statistics to the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute and other similar organizations.

Speaker's Bureau

Community outreach is important to our mission and to our continuous effort to educate our community on cancer prevention, early detection, and the amazing cancer care services offered at the Dorcy Cancer Center should you or someone you know be diagnosed with the disease.  The Dorcy Cancer Center can arrange to have cancer care professionals speak at community events, local club organization meetings and other gatherings.  For more information on our speaker's bureau, call 719-557-5556.

For more information on the Cancer Center, call the St. Mary-Corwin Cancer Information Line at 719-557-5525 or 1-800-228-4039, ext. 5525.

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