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St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center is located in beautiful Pueblo, Colorado.



With an elevation of 4,695 feet, the city of Pueblo serves as the southern boundary for Colorado's major growth corridor. Geographically situated on Colorado's high plains, Pueblo is located 110 miles south of Denver and 40 miles south of Colorado Springs. With a population of 100,000, Pueblo is considered the cultural capital of southern Colorado. It possesses many cultural facilities and community events at a level usually found only in a much larger metropolitan area.




With a diverse list of recreational activities, Pueblo has it all:

Pueblo is just a short distance from some of Colorado's major attractions and ski resorts.


With an average of 300 days of sun per year, Pueblo's mild climate makes outdoor recreation possible year-round. With a normal daily high of 68 degrees and an average daily low of 37 degrees, Pueblo has very mild climate with moderate temperatures throughout the year. The average annual precipitation is 11.91 inches, and the normal annual snowfall is 31 inches.

Our People

The Pueblo region is a sanctuary for people seeking work, relaxation and the good life. For more information on our community, we recommend:

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