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Pre -Admission Testing

Providing Quality, Comprehensive Inpatient and Outpatient Surgical Care

The majority of patients who go through pre-admission testing are being admitted to St. Mary-Corwin to have surgery. Our surgical procedures and facilities are specifically designed to make your visit as comfortable as possible.  Our surgical department provides the latest technology in a personalized setting. For the procedure for which you are scheduled, we have considered your comfort, your need for information and your health and safety.

Save Time... Pre-Register Online

Did you know that you can save time by pre-registering for your procedure online?  To pregister online, click on the 'Pre-Register Online' icon to the right.  You will need to pre-register 48 hours prior to your procedure.

Your Pre-Operative Assessment & Testing

After you are scheduled for surgery, you will be given an appointment for your pre-operative assessment and testing. This appointment is arranged through your surgeon's office. The appointment will take approximately one to one and one-half hours, and will generally occur between three and seven days prior to surgery. At this time, you will meet with a nurse to review your health history, and an anesthesiologist to discuss the plan for anesthesia. You will be given instructions as to which medications to take the morning of the surgery, and any fluid or food restrictions. Following your assessment, any necessary lab tests, X-rays or EKG's will be completed.

What To Bring To Your Pre-Assessment Appointment

Please bring the following on the day of your appointment:

  • List of allergies, including reactions
  • List of current medications including dosage and times taken. Remember to include any vitamins, herbs or over the counter medications.
  • List of previous surgeries, including any problems with anesthesia experienced by you or a blood relative.
  • Physician orders
  • Consent
  • Insurance card
  • Copies of your Living Will and Medical Durable Power of Attorney

On The Day Of Your Surgery

The Same Day Surgery staff will give you a reminder call the day before your surgery to confirm arrival time and review your instructions.

  • The nurses will discuss your diet and medication restrictions prior to your surgery.
  • You may brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with a small amount of water, but do not swallow any of it. 
  • Refrain from smoking the day of surgery.
  • Please bathe or shower in the morning. Do not wear makeup, lotion, deodorant or nail polish. You should wear casual clothing and leave jewelry and valuables at home.
  • If your health changes before the day of surgery, notify your surgeon. If you have a fever, cold, flu, persistent cough or rash, it is important information your surgeon needs to know.
  • Please arrive at least one and one-half hours before your scheduled surgery, unless instructed otherwise. You will need to report to the registration desk in admitting located inside the West main entrance.
  • Patients may be dropped off at the main entrance of the hospital.  Free valet parking is available for your convenience. 
  • While you are in surgery, family is invited to wait in the surgical waiting room in the hospital's west wing. The surgeon will also meet with your family in a private room within the surgical waiting room to report his or her findings upon completing the procedure.
  • If your child is having surgery, we recommend that at least one parent or legal guardian be present while we are preparing your child for surgery. You may bring a favorite toy or blanket from home for added assurance. Parents or legal guardians will be called back to the recovery room to be with your child once they have stabilized from the anesthesia.


If you are scheduled for same day surgery, please arrange for a relative or friend to drive you home. Patients should not drive for 24 hours as they may feel a little drowsy, and perhaps dizzy, for several hours after surgery. It is also important for someone to stay with you the first 24 hours after surgery. Not arranging transportation may result in cancellation of your surgery or a delay in being discharged from the hospital. If you live alone, please arrange to have a friend or relative stay with you.


Please call us if you have any questions or are unable to keep your appointment time:

  • Pre-Assessment Testing:  719-557-4479
  • Same Day Surgery:  719-557-5451

Become an Active Member of the Healthcare Team

The staff and physicians at St. Mary-Corwin ensure that healthcare safety is a priority. Everyone has a role in making healthcare safe - physicians, healthcare executives, nurses, technologists, and you, the patient. You can play a vital role in making your surgical procedure safe by becoming an active, involved and informed member of your healthcare team.

Pre-Admission Testing Education: Total Joint Class

Pre-admission testing offers a Total Joint Class to patients and their family. This class provides more information on surgery and what to expect during your stay from orthopedic nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dietitians and case management. The classes are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 1 pm to 3 pm in conference room 4884, located on the fourth floor of the West building. Refreshments are served, and family and friends are encouraged to attend. To register for Total Joint Class, call 719-557-5138.


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