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Pain Management

Chronic pain affects an estimated 50 million Americans, with costs of more than $100 billion annually in lost productivity and disability. In general, patients experience pain either as the reason that brings them to St. Mary-Corwin, or as a result of a procedure, surgery, test or treatment during their hospitalization.

At St. Mary-Corwin, we recognize that pain may be the reason why you seek medical help. We work with your physician and health care team to find ways to help you manage your pain, be more comfortable and enjoy life. This can include medications, careful planning of activities, relaxation techniques and more.

Pain Team

St. Mary-Corwin has developed a team of health care professionals with expert knowledge about pain. The Pain Team includes physicians, a nurse practitioner, nurses, a pharmacist and rehabilitation specialists. Team members are available to help physicians and nurses address your individual pain needs. The Pain Team can see patients who are in the inpatient areas. You can request a Pain Team visit if you would like to talk to someone about your pain management. Together, we work toward providing optimal pain relief for you, so you may return to living a healthy, active life.

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