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Lab Services

The Main Laboratory is located on the first floor of the hospital between the Emergency Department and the main lobby. Access to the lab is restricted to authorized personnel but arranged tours are welcome.

The St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center Laboratory performs over 500,000 diagnostic tests each year for the people of southern Colorado. Our dedicated staff of professionals utilizes some of the most advanced laboratory technology in providing accurate, timely and cost effective results for our patients and customers.

In total, we have more than 800 years of combined professional service and dedication to St. Mary-Corwin and the community. We are staffed 24 hours a day by professional, accredited Medical Technologists, Laboratory Technicians, Cytotechnologists and Histotechnicians with many years of experience and are dedicated to serving others with our expertise in clinical laboratory testing. Our Pathologists are skilled in their specialty of Clinical and Anatomic Pathology and are available for consultations or questions. We are supported by a core of phlebotomists, lab and office assistants who are highly skilled in answering or directing your questions to the appropriate personnel.

If you have a question about your lab test, visit Lab Tests Online.

You may contact Laboratory Services at 719-557-5010 or 719-557-5011.

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