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    Many orthopedic injuries can be caused through overuse of a joint during athletic activities, while others can be caused through sudden movement or added stress on a joint. While many injuries caused by sport activities can be common, not all of them are able to recover through R.I.C.E. alone (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). Cases where an ongoing sports injury is left untreated can often lead to longer recovery and sometimes permanent damage.  

    There are both surgical and non-surgical options for treating sports injuries depending on the severity and damage.  Non-surgical treatments include injections, medication and physical therapy.  It is important that each injury be evaluated individually to build the best treatment plan possible.  

    Providing expert medical care to local athletes
    St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center has developed a specialized and dedicated sports medicine program to provide critical medical coverage for sports events in Pueblo County. The sports medicine program, featuring a dedicated concussion prevention and management component, will increase the quantity and quality of medical coverage at high school and university sporting events in the community.

    Inspired by the vision of Dr. Shawn Nakamura, the goal of the St. Mary-Corwin Sports Specialists program is to provide the best care for the athletes, and to be a medical resource for athletes and their families, coaches, and athletic trainers by providing a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals specially trained in sports medicine.

    Learn more about our sports medicine services.

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