• Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • St. Mary-Corwin provides cardiac rehabilitation through evaluation, education and exercise to make your heart healthy. The program focuses on reducing risk factors, implementing an exercise plan and educating patients. We offer nutrition classes, lipid management (fats, cholesterol and triglycerides), high blood pressure control, smoking cessation, stress management and weight reduction.

    There are three phases of cardiac rehabilitation:

    • Phase 1 will start while you are recovering from a cardiac event in the hospital. The cardiac rehabilitation team works closely with you and your family as you begin recovery. Even mild exercise while still in the hospital can prevent complications and may even shorten your hospital stay.
    • Phase 2 will start after you are discharged and will include cardiac monitoring with exercise, life style modifications and education. You will participate in medically supervised exercise sessions that include blood pressure measurement and continuous EKG monitoring. Education classes in nutrition, medications and stress management are part of this phase.
    • Phase 3 is also medically supervised, but is designed for patients who are beyond the acute recovery period, who no longer need continuous EKG monitoring during exercise, or who are considered low risk for developing cardiac problems while exercising.

    The goal of cardiac rehabilitation is to help you learn more about heart disease and to reduce your risk of future heart problems. We will help you set and reach your own goals for a heart-healthy lifestyle. 

  • Get started today

    To schedule an appointment and to see for yourself what cardiac rehabilitation is all about, please call 719-557-4576.

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