• Total Joint Replacement Team

  • At the St. Mary-Corwin Joint Replacement Center we believe in a team approach when treating each patient. Our team includes:

    Orthopedic Surgeon 
    The orthopedic surgeon is the skilled doctor who will perform the procedure to repair your damaged joint. 

    Registered Nurse (RN) 
    Much of your care will be provided by a nurse responsible for your daily care. Your nurse will assure orders given by your doctor are completed including medications and monitoring your vital signs. The nurse will act as your advocate throughout the course of treatment from surgery to discharge, answer questions, and coordinate your hospital care with other joint replacement team members. 

    Patient Care Technician (PCT)
    Much of your personal care will be provided by a patient care technician. Your PCT will assist you with bathing, walking, and using the bathroom. They will also track your vital signs, and keep other members of the joint team of your needs and progress. 

    Physical Therapist (PT) 
    A physical therapist will guide you in the important work of returning you to your daily activities. They will develop a plan for exercises to help you regain strength and mobility as you strive to reach your peak level of functioning. They will assist you in the use of your walker and recliner chair to support proper exercise. 

    Occupational Therapist (OT) 
    An occupational therapist will guide you in performing daily tasks such as bathing and dressing after your joint replacement surgery. They may demonstrate special equipment to use in your home after your surgery including shower benches, rails and raised toilets. 

    The anesthesiologist is a physician who administers medications during the surgery. These drugs may diminish pain and sedate patients during the procedure.

    Case Manager, RN 
    The case manager will coordinate your discharge plan as you transition home or to a facility with additional support. 

    Social Worker 
    In some situations, the physician may request the help of a Social Worker to arrange care when you leave the hospital.

    A coach is a family member, friend or trained volunteer that has been designated to be by the patient's side from the pre-op process through the stay in the hospital and discharge. They will attend pre-op class, give support during exercise classes, and keep the patient focused on healing.

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