• Pre-Operative Joint Replacement Class

  • Mother and Daughter Joint Coach at St. Mary-Corwin Pueblo At the St. Mary-Corwin Joint Replacement Center we believe education prior to surgery helps each patient with their recovery. We have created a special Pre-operative Class for patients scheduled for joint surgery. Held once a week, patients should attend this one month prior to surgery. It is only necessary to attend one class. Attendance at this class is required prior to joint surgery. At the class patients will meet members of the joint team who can answer any questions.

    We recommend that each patient bring a family member or friend to the class. This person will act as the patient's coach. We will review the role of the coach during the class.

    During the class we cover important information including:

    • What to expect at the pre-op appointment and on the day of surgery.
    • The post-op routine on the Orthopedic Unit.
    • The role of the "coach"/caregiver.
    • Breathing exercises.
    • Pre-op exercises.
    • Nutrition for wound healing.
    • Activity/therapy expectations and recommendations post-op.
    • Assistance devices and joint protection.
    • Discharge planning, obtaining equipment, and post-hospital care.

    Please call 719-557-5622 for more information.

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    For more information about our Joint Replacement Center please call 719-557-5622.

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