• Nuclear Medicine

  • Nuclear Medicine, which includes molecular imaging, is the medical specialty that utilizes sealed and unsealed radioactive materials in the diagnosis and therapy of various diseases. Nuclear Medicine refers to medicine (a pharmaceutical) that is attached to a small quantity of radioactive material (a radioisotope). The combination is called a radiopharmaceutical. The pharmaceutical part of the radiopharmaceutical is designed to go to a specific place in the body where there could be disease or an abnormality. The radioactive part of the radiopharmaceutical that emits radiation, known as gamma rays, is then detected using a special camera called a gamma camera. Nuclear Medicine also includes the utilization of pharmaceuticals (as adjunctive medications) to enhance the evaluation of the physiologic process at the molecular level. Nuclear Medicine provides doctors with information about structure and function of organs. Radiopharmaceuticals are introduced into the patient's body by injection, swallowing (oral) or inhalation. 

    Please be aware that your procedure may require multiple visits to the department to complete your study. Your Nuclear Medicine technologist will explain in greater detail of what to expect and times to return for imaging. 

    Clock WebTypical exam time is 90 minutes.

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    Diagnostic imaging procedures and studies require a doctor’s order. To schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations, please call (719) 557-4444.

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    We provide many of our required forms online. Please print and fill out the forms corresponding to your exam and bring them with you to your appointment, including a list of your current medications.

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