• Diabetes Services

  • Diabetes Services at St. Mary-Corwin in Pueblo, Colorado Managing your diabetes can be a complicated responsibility. From our nationally recognized patient education program, you will receive comprehensive services by considerate diabetes care professionals.

    Educators, nurses, dietitians and you, the patient, work together to tailor individualized treatment plans on how to best gain control of your diabetes. We focus on preventing disease and complications, and are committed to providing complete diabetes care in southern Colorado.

    You can learn to live better with your diabetes through Diabetes Self-Management and Education Services by calling 719-557-5955…and fax a signed health care provider referral to 719-557-5988.

    Visit Diabetes Counseling and Education for more information on national counseling and education, or Education Classes for a complete list of diabetes classes.

    With a physician referral, you can receive a variety of diabetes services. 

    Benefit Provided By Medicare: Medical Nutrition Therapy

    Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes or non-dialysis kidney disease can now take advantage of the first new Medicare Part B benefit offered by nutrition services at St. Mary-Corwin. To learn more about this benefit, visit Medical Nutrition Therapy.


    Diabetes Services is located in room 4206 on the fourth floor of the East tower at St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center.

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