• What is a Concussion?

  • Concussion at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital Pueblo

    The term concussion refers to a type of traumatic injury to the brain. This injury may be caused by the head hitting an object, being hit by an object or a major jolt and may result in a temporary dysfunction of the brain including loss of consciousness, severe headache and memory, speech and balance impairment.  The American Academy of neurology defines a concussion as a "trauma-induced alteration in mental status that may or may not involve loss of consciousness."

    What causes a concussion?

    Most concussions are the direct result of a fall, sports or a car accident. To get a concussion, you do not have to have direct trauma to the head.


    There is no cure for a concussion and healing times vary from patient to patient. However, there are a few ways to treat a concussion:

    • It is very important that any young athlete who has suffered a concussion not be allowed to play or practice. He or she should be immediately removed from the field of play.
    • The concussed athlete should be examined as soon as possible by medical personnel.
    • The concussed athlete should be given physical and cognitive rest until he or she has no significant symptoms at rest.
    • The athlete can then start a graduated exercise program. If any symptoms of the concussion return with exercise the athlete should be seen by a medical profession.
    • The athlete cannot return to play until they are free of any symptoms of a concussion both at rest and with exertion, and should have a return to baseline if neurocognitive testing was done and is available.
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