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    A concussion is not just a bump on the head. It is a traumatic brain injury that needs proper treatment whether it is mild or severe. At St. Mary-Corwin’s Concussion Consultants, we specialize in concussion treatment for student athletes and management to maximize their concussion recovery. The mission of these professionals, headed by medical director Dr. Rocky Khosla, is to provide leading-edge tools and protocols to other health care providers, athletes, parents, coaches and any other interested parties on the latest developments in concussion management. Read our concussion brochure.
    Concussion Management
    The Jake Snakenberg Youth Concussion Act, which went into effect on January 1, 2012 has redefined the way coaches, athletes, parents and medical providers need to approach the treatment of concussions. Concussion Consultants was designed to provide the necessary framework for a comprehensive concussion management protocol from the point of concussion all the way to return to play for the concussed athlete for all of the high schools and middle schools in Pueblo City Schools, School District 70, Canon City, Florence and at CSU-Pueblo. Additionally, our team is working with other communities in Southern Colorado to help develop comprehensive concussion management protocols for their athletes.  

  • St. Mary-Corwin has donated special ImPACT testing software, which is designed to test concussed athletes, to Pueblo City Schools, School District 70, Canon City, Florence and at CSU-Pueblo. ImPACT, which stands for Immediate Post-concussive Assessment Cognitive Testing, when used as part of a comprehensive concussion management protocol, gives an added measure of safety in determining when a concussed athlete may safely return to play.
    King-Devick Test is a quick, objective sideline test to screen for witnessed, unwitnessed and unreported concussions. The King-Devick Test provides frontline detection of concussion enabling athletes to get treatment quickly so they can return to the field faster. The test uses a series of number charts to evaluate eye movements. The charts become progressively more difficult to read in a flowing manner because of increasingly more difficult spacing between the numbers. Both errors in reading and speed of reading are included in deriving a score. While ImPACT assists clinicians in making return-to-play decisions, King Devick assists athletic trainers and medical professionals in remove-from-play decisions.
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    If you have questions about the timely assessment and management of a sports-related concussion or would like more information about concussion management tools and protocols, call us at 719-557-8600.

  • Impact Free: Keeping your Head in the Sport

    Thank you for your interest in our traumatic brain injury program. Please view and share our free educational video with students, athletes, coaches, educators, counselors, and health care providers. It is our goal to enhance the understanding of TBI and concussions for our patients and community. 

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