• Cardiac Catheterization Lab

  • Cardiac Cath LabSt. Mary-Corwin’s Cardiac Catheterization lab, or Cath Lab, combines leading-edge technology with the expertise of our skilled team trained to diagnose and treat blockages or clots that can lead to heart attacks.

    During a heart attack, every moment matters-not just in terms of surviving, but in terms of quality of life after the attack. St. Mary-Corwin’s Cath Lab makes it possible to conduct fast, life-saving measures to prevent heart attack-or treat a heart attack as it is happening. And our rapid triage allows patients to move quickly from diagnosis to treatment-right in the Cath Lab, minimizing heart muscle damage.

    Because our Cardiac Cath Lab offers noninvasive (nonsurgical) procedures, patients often experience fast, effective treatment that incurs far less pain and fewer side effects. It also makes possible a faster recovery, with patients often staying in the hospital a single day or even a matter of hours.

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