• Radiation Technology: Cutting-Edge Technology to Fight Cancer

  • Our radiation oncology program is led by board certified radiation oncologists Dr. Geoffrey Johnson and Dr. John Stageberg, both of whom are skilled in treating a wide-range of cancers using some of today’s most advanced treatment technologies. The treatment team also includes an experienced medical dosimetrist, medical physicist and radiation therapists who work diligently to guarantee safety, accuracy and patient comfort. The Dorcy Cancer Center has the latest treatment technology to deliver a highly effective dose of radiation to destroy cancer cells while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. Our cutting-edge technology includes:

    • Varian Trilogy linear accelerator:
      As Colorado’s first cancer center to have the Varian Trilogy linear accelerator featuring Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), we’re able to offer all standard types of radiation therapies, as well as the most advanced treatments use Trilogy’s pinpoint precision to concentrate more doses on tumors while protecting surrounding healthy tissue.
    • Varian TruBeam linear accelerator with Novalis Radiosurgery technology:
      The TrueBeam is not only able to deliver all forms of advanced external-beam radiation therapy, but is also one of the fastest, most accurate and versatile treatment systems currently available. Some key highlights of the system include:
      • The TrueBeam linear accelerator can deliver cancer treatments up to two times faster than older linear accelerators thanks to dose delivery rates of up to 2400 monitor units per minute.
      • A standard IMRT treatment that used to take 10 minutes can now be completed in less than two. 
      • Complex radiosurgery that can typically last 40 minutes to an hour, can now be completed in 5 to 20 minutes.
      • The TrueBeam is so precise that treatment fields are measured in increments of less than a millimeter.
      • TrueBeam checks for accuracy every 10 milliseconds and continually monitors 100,000 data points as a treatment is administered, ensuring that radiation is always focused and on target.

    In addition to TrueBeam and Trilogy, we have enhanced our treatment capabilities by using the VisionRT®, GateCT® and GateRT® guidance systems that allow for real-time, non-invasive patient motion management. Not only do these systems enhance sophisticated treatments such as IGRT, but they also increase treatment safety and accuracy.

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