• Navigators: Guiding Your Care

  • We offer a full-spectrum of breast care support services at the Breast Center of Excellence, including a breast imaging navigator and breast care nurse navigator. Our navigators play an integral role in the Breast Center, including one-on-one consultation as well as providing educational support. The role of our navigators has many facets including:

    • Coordinating individualized care for each patient.
    • Assures timely access of scheduled appointments.
    • Provides emotional support to patients and their families.
    • Works closely with our inter-disciplinary team.
    • Educates patients about individual cancer diagnosis and treatment options.
    • Helps patients make informed decisions about treatment and care.
    • Advocate for patients throughout treatment.
    • Assist with recovery and rehabilitation plans.

    Our navigators offer personalized support and are a unique asset to the Breast Center of Excellence. We’re committed to bringing knowledge and comfort to all of our patients, and the navigators serve an important role as facilitators and guides for patients, providing support through each phase of diagnosis and treatment. To learn more, please contact each of our navigators directly.  

  • Our Breast Imaging Navigator and Breast Center of Excellence Program Manager, Charlotte Vasile RT (R)(M), CN-BI, coordinates with a patient and her physician to oversee the scheduling of additional services and explain the results of services to the patient. This process has helped to decrease the wait time between scheduling a screening mammogram and a diagnostic mammogram, and then between a diagnostic mammogram and a biopsy. Ultimately advocacy and assistance from the nurse navigator decreases the anxiety level the patient may experience.

    Charlotte Vasile received an associate degree from Pueblo Community College in 1991.  She became a registered mammographer in 1993 while working at Evans Army Community Hospital at Fort Carson, Colorado. In 1998 she began work as a dedicated mammographer at St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center, in Pueblo, Colorado where she is currently employed. In July of 2011 she began work in the Dorcy Cancer Center as a Breast Imaging Navigator and received her CBPN-IC certification in March of 2012.

    She enjoys working both within the medical center and the community to educate men and women regarding the importance of breast care and breast health. She is a key contributor within the Multi-Disciplinary Conference for the Breast Center of Excellence at St. Mary-Corwin. She also meets weekly with other navigators in the Centura and Catholic Health Initiative systems to discuss patient care and needs and serves on the leadership team for NAPBC Accreditation.

    At the Breast Center of Excellence, we offer nurse navigator assistance to patients who are at an increased risk for breast cancer, or who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Our Breast Nurse Navigator, Barbara Young, RN, CBCN, CN-BN, can help you find the answers and support you need through your diagnostic evaluation and course of care. Barbara also serves as the survivor navigator for breast cancer patients.

    Understanding that every patient's situation is unique, our nurse navigator is prepared to provide or guide you to optimal resources for:

    • Medical care. Depending upon your diagnosis, your health care partners may include radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, oncologists and other specialists. Our navigator can help facilitate the communication that makes for a more comfortable, confident experience.
    • Lifestyle support. Your daily living needs may change as treatment progresses. Our navigator can assist you in finding local resources for transportation, in-home help, childcare and more.
    • Financial assistance. There are local and national organizations whose focus is helping those with breast cancer address financial matters. Our navigator can connect you with these charitable concerns.
    • Emotional and spiritual support. Breast cancer changes lives. Given your desires and direction, our navigator can introduce you to others - professional resources, compassionate volunteers and others who have faced a challenge similar to yours - to make the journey easier. 


    Our Breast Care Nurse Navigator, Barbara Young, helps make our team, your team. Because she has rapid and direct access to the multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and technicians involved in your evaluation and treatment, you're assured a greater continuity of care.  

    Barbara graduated from Pikes Peak Community College in 2004 with an associate degree in nursing.  Prior to coming to St. Mary-Corwin, Barbara worked for Memorial Hospital as a clinical nurse on the cardiac step down unit. In 2011, she received her certification in chemotherapy and biotherapy administration and started with St. Mary-Corwin in an oncology unit.

    In 2013, she received her certification in breast cancer nursing and accepted a position as the Breast Cancer Patient Navigator. In March 2014, she received her Breast Self- Exam Community Education Certification.

    Barbara is passionate about community outreach and service. She volunteered as a registered nurse at Open Bible Medical Clinic from 2006 to 2009. She is currently active in working with women’s groups to provide education on breast health.

  • How does a patient connect with a navigator?
    When possible, a navigator meets with the patient during her initial surgical or oncology consult. Our breast care nurse navigator is also an integral part of the high risk breast clinic, meeting each patient to provide education on self-breast exams and risk reducing lifestyle behaviors. Our breast imaging navigator works closely with patients to streamline followup mammogram appointments, biopsies, and communication with physicians, and explains the results of services to the patient.  

  • Connect with a navigator

    To learn more, please contact each of our navigators directly. Please call Charlotte Vasile, our breast imaging navigator at (719) 557-5930. Please call Barbara Young, our breast care nurse navigator at (719) 557-4301.      

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