• Preadmission Program

  • At The Birth Place at St. Mary-Corwin, we know that having a baby is a very special time in your life and that every birth is unique. That's why we give you the opportunity to talk one on one with a Birth Place specialist about your wishes for the delivery of your baby. This 45-minute preadmission appointment will enable you to design a customized plan for your baby's birth and complete the pre-registration process. This means you'll know when you arrive on delivery day that we already know you and your plan, allowing you to begin your birth experience with peace of mind.

    The appointment should be after your 30th week of pregnancy however, we encourage you to schedule the appointment between your 25th and 28th weeks.

    When you preregister as part of our preadmission program:

    • You eliminate the need to register at the admissions office. 
    • Your consent for hospital admission and treatment will be signed.
    • Your medical history will be reviewed and documented. 
    • You will complete your baby’s birth certificate information—except for name.
    • You will have an opportunity to discuss your desired birthing experience with a Birth Place nurse.

  • Preparing for delivery day.

    We want the experience to be all that you hope for. Call us today at 719-557-5544 to meet one-on-one with a Birth Place specialist to discuss your delivery.

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