• Understanding Grief

  • Grief is a response to loss-no matter what that loss may be. It could mean dealing with the loss of a loved one, facing the loss of a job or coping with a divorce. You may not know what to expect when you are challenged by such a loss as each of us experiences grief differently. However, there are some common responses to loss. Some emotions and physical sensations are:

    • Lack of energy or interest
    • Sudden crying episodes
    • Disorganization
    • Need to talk about the loss
    • Rapid mood swings
    • Sleep problems
    • Intense anger
    • Restlessness
    • Aimless wandering, forgetfulness
    • Difficulty concentrating

    Grieving is healthy and normal. It's a healing process essential to your well-being. Grief takes time; it can last several weeks or years. You can resolve your grief sooner and more successfully if you understand, accept and display your grief rather than deny it. You shouldn't try to protect yourself or others from the pain; this only prolongs the process. It is important to face your loss directly in order to deal with it positively.

  • Request a visit.

    Patients, their family members or friends can request a visit from a chaplain. To contact a member of our spiritual care team during your hospital stay, ask the attending nurse to page the chaplain on call.  

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