• Spiritual Care

  • Providing comfort, support and encouragement to patients, staff, family and friends

    As a faith-based healthcare organization, spiritual care is a vital component to staying well or returning to wellness at St. Mary-Corwin. Many scientific studies have shown that prayer and meditation (within any faith) greatly aid in one's healing. At St. Mary-Corwin, we are dedicated to helping you, your family, and our own associates with their spiritual needs. We respect each person's belief system. Together we look at the meaning and values in our lives, the problems and questions we all face and the resources we can draw upon to aid healing.

    The following services are offered with spiritual care:

    • Spiritual counsel is available 24 hours a day for individuals or groups. St. Mary-Corwin chaplains offer counsel on faith issues, meaning of life, guilt or worry, grief and prayer.
    • Bereavement support can help you deal with the difficulty of illness or the loss of a loved one. A myriad of emotions, including sadness, anger, guilt, anxiety and acceptance, can oftentimes be overwhelming. We are here to help you heal.
    • Educational programs are offered throughout the year for associates and the community. Our speakers address such topics as spirituality, bereavement, integrating spirituality into the workplace, stress and spirituality, advance directives, change and healing.
    • Advance Directives such as Medical Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions, Living Will or Colorado CPR Directive are important aspects of the healthcare process. Authorization to Consent to Treatment or Unemancipated Minor and Donor Directions for Anatomical Gift are other official documents you can download. St. Mary-Corwin cannot offer legal advice, however descriptions and links can be found on our Advance Directive page. 
  • St. Therese Chapel

  • St. Therese Chapel at St. Mary-Corwin in Pueblo, Colorado St. Therese Chapel is located in the hospital's main entrance, to the right of the information desk on the first floor. The chapel is open 24 hours a day to serve the needs of patients, associates and the community. Mass is offered Monday through Friday at noon. 

  • Prayer of Hospitality

  • "Loving God of all Healing, You watch over our coming and our going. May all who enter through the doors of St. Mary-Corwin receive the blessing of Your healing graces. May they be greeted with the gift of hospitality. May their time here be filled with Your gifts of peace and compassion. May all who leave through these doors be filled with hope. May they receive the strength necessary to carry on their mission. May the joy of Your presence be with them. May You watch over our coming and our going both now and forever. Amen."

    For more information about Spiritual Care call 1-800-228-4039, ext. 5029.

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